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My contribution to the hype.

Hubby rocked the “rolled up sleeves with tatted arms, dress clothes and sunglasses” look at our friend’s wedding this morning.

I had to get a pic because he just runs around naked half the time or in raggedy pajamas, so he surprised everyone by dressing so nice, even though it was a casual event lol. I hope someone else can get me pics because my phone died during the ceremony ;  ;

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Thanks for our shirts, Angelia! Repping FFXIV shirts by @art-by-angelia-and-stuff at Fanfest 2014!

Ahhh i’m so excited for you guys! Thank you!! I love the ears! :D


day 17, Coerthas ❄️

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Toph:Tell me what you did wrong.
Korra:Well, I was thinking you were gonna-
Toph:Exactly. You were thinking.
toph:lolol man up you lil bitch

I can’t take Dusknoir seriously despite its rep and I guess it shows in this doodle of him, but hey, a challenge is a challenge! 

I mean he looks like a Christmas ornament! lmao

Angry Luffy: movie edition

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hi, do you enjoy suddenly getting severely attached to fictional characters well after you know they die? well thats fantastic, my name is eiichiro oda and i write and draw this story called one piece and

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I kind of ran out of fucks when my marker started drying out, but trying to brush my hair today made me feel a little bit like Rapunzel lol

Soooo here’s an ink doodle of Rapunzel

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I think the greatest thing about drawing all these pokemon is the fact I get to practice drawing cute creatures over humans/humanoids and tap into my childhood at the same time lol

Sometimes drawing humans gets a little boring!

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