I’m having way too much fun with these u_u;;. Gengar is one of those pokemon whose pokedex description terrified me lol

(Early day#3 submission)

Inktobermon#2: Haunter!

Well, I finally read up to One Piece chapter 742 and Soldier-san’s backstory has got to be the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever read 

Oda is a master-storyteller and I can’t even tell you how many other times I cried like a baby reading this comic/watching the show

Quick thingy of Ghastly GASTLY (CRAP I SPELLED IT WRONG) before I go get groceries!

I really don’t know how it holds things so i made something up


A super-sized Pumpkaboo event for North America!

From now up until October 31st.


It even comes with a rocky helmet? lol I just got mine! It’s male with Bold nature (+def-att), Trick or Treat (super awesome, it adds a ghost type to the target??), Astonish, Scary Face and SHADOW SNEAK :D


I’m going to put a spin on Inktober this year with Inktobermon! Join me on my 31-day adventure and draw ‘em all!

1: Gastly
2: Haunter
3: Gengar
4: Zubat
5: Vileplume
6: Kadabra
7: Drowzee
8: Hypno
9: Misdreavous
10: Shedinja
11: Shuppet
12: Banette
13: Duskull
14: Dusclops
15: Mismagius
16: Gliscor
17: Dusknoir
18: Giratina
19: Darkrai
20: Woobat
21: Yamask
22: Cofagrigus
23: Litwick
24: Lampent
25: Honedge
26: Aegislash
27: Phantump
28: Pumpkaboo
29: Gourgeist
30: Noibat
31: Yvetal

Ooooh this looks like fun!

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All hail princess Naja 

Didn’t draw the crown though since it’s NOT HERS ANYWAY D:

ARTIST: Junichi Nakatsuru
TITLE: Gerudo Valley
ALBUM: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS




Super Smash Bros. - 3DS - Gerudo Valley


seriously crying rn

The curse of every bioware protagonist.

and everyone who jumps on social media

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Did this Inktober drawing as a warm-up before working on commissions, since I’ll be extremely busy later and on October 1st to draw anything unless something comes up. 

So here’s a really wonky pic of Prishe? lol I’m out of practice.


Sakura Pigma Micron 005, 01, brush nib in black

Recycled Copy Paper

Sakura Gelly Roll (white ink)

Cell phone since I’m too lazy to scan. Texture came with the photo, and I liked it, so it stayed.

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Autocorrect why are you doing this

pen doodle thing while I procrastinate and contemplate participating in inktober

Hardcore Destiny gameplay destroyed my controller’s left thumbstick lol

If i play long enough, i get black particles all over my thumbs D:

Wow, so me, my husband and his buddies tried the vault of glass for shits and giggles

I have never been so proud of going through a door in my life. We made it pretty far for having half the team under level 26

Now to see if we can get through that boss tomorrow

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