My pink titan from Destiny looool

because I have weird ax blades on my thighs

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Attempt #2 on SAI this time

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How the heck do yall draw those adorable cheebs? It’s like I forget how to art when I try to do one myself lol 



I keep imagining a very tired Shepard giving Grunt crayons to keep him entertained. At least until his big boy mission.

 This was one of my favorite tags so




Some screenshots of my Titan! I based her appearance on Dos.

She’s actually level 17 now. I’m glad my husband told me to go with Titan over Warlock, I’m loving the way my punches actually send things flying and FISTSSSSS OF HAVOCCCC

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Destiny Drinking Game (Don’t Try This At Home)

1. Drink every time your flying robot buddy has to scan something.

2. Chug if you have to fight off waves of enemies while your robot buddy is scanning.

3. Die of alcohol poisoning before you get off the Moon.

Here’s some Destiny gameplay for a mission I really liked. The mission is actually broken into three videos but the fact that I got to use a really badass sword at the end was my favorite part!

I’m glad that a lot of these missions so far (besides the Devil’s Lair holy shit) are able to be soloed by a noob like me. I had some really dumb deaths and I can’t seem to aim at something three feet in front of me lol

Oh yeah, you should watch in HD. I played on the PS4 and I still can’t record a video that’s good enough to show off all the great graphics.


Digital painting commissions are open!

Four (4) slots available

These prices are for single characters. Complex backgrounds, armor, etc. will affect pricing. Color only right now, I may add monochrome and sketch pricing later.

Feel free to check out my art tag for more examples


All prices are in USD
Payment through Paypal only
An invoice will be sent after approval on the initial sketch
Do not send payment upfront


  • Backgrounds are included but they are simple ones only.
  • Let me know if you DO NOT want me posting your commission publicly.
  • Commissions are for personal use only.
  • Please include in your email: type of commission, description(poses, attitude, etc.), reference, and username (if applicable, for linking)

I reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason.

Any questions, concerns, or declarations of love? Send me an ask, fanmail, or email me at

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open 
  4. Open

Hey all, sorry for my disappearance! I’d been feeling rougher than normal the past couple of weeks and it’s become apparent that I might have been suffering from super annoying physical and psychological long term side-effects of Accutane, which I took as a teen the year before the FDA decided it was dangerous and needed to be taken off shelves lol. Soooo a doctor’s appointment is in order because i feel like regular painkillers are not cutting it anymore.

I’ll be getting back to tumblr soon! Just taking it easy and playing Destiny. Hubby bought another ps4 so we could play together but i’m already nine levels ahead haha

Titan Awoken female whatup

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Hubby and his friends watching Nicki Minaj lmao

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Legend of Korra Season 3 finale *spoiler alert for mobile users*

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Haha. Thought of this and it seemed fitting for what we’re all in for. Viva la Korra characters!!!!


A summary of my first Silent Hills P.T. Playthrough.

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